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Construction accidents are unfortunately very common, and they are the types of incidents that require an immediate investigation by lawyers, as well as their own investigators. If you need help determining whether to file a claim after being injured in a construction accident, contact our experienced attorneys. We can show you what can be done about your case. Only your lawyer can tell you what to do, and you should follow their advice to the letter.

Evidence of negligence after a construction accident is not always prevalent, but this where the expertise of John K. Zaid & Associates comes into play. Any evidence that is collected can be used to file a claim against the construction company and seek redemption for the victim.

John K. Zaid & Associates can only file a lawsuit once they feel that there is enough evidence to move proceed. Following your attorney’s advice in a matter of this nature is important in obtaining the optimal recovery.

Our attorneys are experienced and prepared to look into construction accidents, and we will make sure that we give you all the information that you need. We will investigate as much as we need to find out the nature of your accident, and will keep you advised on what we uncover. If it is necessary, we will go to court to obtain a recovery for you.


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