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Mario Mcmeans
Mario Mcmeans
If you're currently reading this know that I'm writing this review voluntarily. I'm not an individual that regularly do this sort of thing, but the individuals at John K. Zaid & Associates were very professional and courteous. I appreciate everything Zaid Law have done for me--they work swiftly to make sure you get your life back on track. I highly recommend them!
Emma L.Motor Vehicle Accident
John K. Zaid worked very hard to make sure that I got fair and equitible settlement, and that I got the best care.
Ron P.Tow Truck Accident
I reccommend John K. Zaid & Associates to anybody that wants to have a successful case.
BarbaraHouston Car Accident Victim
Instead of worrying about hammering the insurance companies, John K. Zaid made sure I received the best medical care.
Jemima Maduka
John Zaid and the entire staff were very polite. Every time I called in, I got my questions answered. They always kept commitments to call me back and when it came time to negotiate everything was made plan. Most importantly, they made sure that the firm didn't walk away with more than I was to receive. It's awesome to have such integrity and professionalism on my side!!!
Brian Burt
Working with John has been an absolute pleasure. From the onset of our relationship every conversation has been very easy and more than any one thing, his responsiveness is OUTSTANDING.

Download Our Auto Accident App

Our Houston Car Accident Application is one of those things you don’t think you will ever need, until you do. And when you do, you’ll be glad you took a few seconds to download it. The Car Accident App provides straightforward to-do’s, fact and evidence gathering tools to ensure you or your loved one are informed and protected when moving vehicle accidents happen. None of us like to think about it, but auto accidents do happen.

Car Accident App features:

  • Camera, video recorder and text notepad provide all you will need to record all of the pertinent data about any moving vehicle accident.
  • Invaluable FAQ section containing important information about the appropriate procedures to prepare for and handle any moving vehicle accident.
  • Time saving forms to clearly collect accident information from the other parties (drivers, witnesses, passengers etc.)
  • Automatic GPS locator which aides in recording critical accident facts like traffic patterns and driving conditions.
  • Emergency Services Locator.
John K. Zaid & Associates - Houston Personal Injury Accident App

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Fighting For Your Rights Since 2002

Since 2002, John K. Zaid and his team have relentlessly fought for the rights of victims and their loved ones in Texas and across the United States who were unfortunately involved in accidents that lead to injuries and sometimes even death. We pride ourselves in obtaining great results for each one of our clients while providing personalized service through constant communication and an “open-door” policy for all of our clients. We take the time to sit with each one of our clients and explain the entire personal injury process, from the initial accident to the final resolution. We feel by informing each client, they will feel comfortable and assured that we have their best interests at heart and will advocate for a fair and just recovery.

John K. Zaid and his team of dedicated personal injury lawyers and professionals are trained to assist clients through each step of the process to allow a seamless and transparent process to the satisfaction of each client. They have handled a wide array of personal injury cases ranging from motor vehicle collisions, motorcycle accidents to catastrophic life-altering burn and workplace injury cases.

We are not afraid to fight against the big insurance companies to make sure that you and your loved ones are fairly compensated. You can be assured that when you hire John K. Zaid & Associates, you are getting a team of highly trained professionals that will fight to get every dollar you deserve.