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Houston Product Liability Lawyer

Every day, we purchase items at the store for ourselves and our families, with the expectation that these products are safe to use. If these products are defective, you deserve protection from the high cost of medical bills and loss of work that can ensue. This is why a products liability lawyer is important if you have a problem with a product you have purchased.

There are several different types of defects in products that can adversely affect the public. They are defects in the design, the manufacturing or the labeling, including instructions that are incorrect.

Design Defects

The design defects can occur in many different types of products. There may be missing latches that are for safety. This is an example of a type of design defect.

Manufacturing Defects

These occur when the product is made poorly. If it is not made properly, it can cause injury to the party that is using it.

Labeling and Instruction Defects

There has to be clear labeling on products. Warning labels are very important to protect the people that purchase a product. Instructions need to be clear and concise so that people can read them when they are using the product.

Should you run into a problem with a defective product, John K. Zaid & Associates can assist you with finding out just what your rights are. The product can be made and sold by various companies, and John K. Zaid & Associates will be able to get the correct information so that you can win your case.

If you find that you are in need of a products liability lawyer, don’t hesitate to call John K. Zaid & Associates. John K. Zaid & Associates has decades of experience in product liability law, and their experience allows them to assist the public when they are needed. They will be glad to give you a consultation so that you know what your rights are and how to proceed with a case against the manufacturer.