Airplane Accident Lawyer Houston TX

Airplane Accident Lawyer Houston TX 


How Do I Find the Best Airplane Accident Lawyer Houston TX Offers?

When survivors of an airplane accident are ready to seek compensation for their damages, many recognize the importance of contacting an experienced airplane accident lawyer in Houston TX. Our legal team at John K. Zaid & Associates is an excellent choice based on their experience and depth of knowledge of aviation law and aeronautics. If you lost a loved one in an aviation accident, or you were seriously injured in one, call our office without delay. Our airplane accident lawyer in Houston TX will meet with you for a no-cost consultation. If you are currently hospitalized because of your condition, we can arrange to meet with you in your room or consult with you by phone. During the consultation you can share the details of how you were injured and your prognosis.

Compensation for Your Damages

In legal terms, the injury you suffered in the airplane accident and the costs related to treating it, as well as the wages you’re not able to earn while you recover, are referred to as damages. Your airplane accident lawyer in Houston TX from John K. Zaid & Associates can determine the extent of your recognizable damages and assess a dollar amount for each and in total. One of the factors in deciding which legal option to pursue is what will make the most financial sense for the client. For instance, it may be more sensible to first file a personal injury claim with the at fault party rather than immediately file a civil lawsuit against them. This is because court and attorney fees can be expensive if it will be a long trial. However, the cost of having your airplane accident lawyer in Houston TX file a personal injury claim will be far less and the settlement amount may be the same as a jury award. These are details that can only be discussed after a consultation with our airplane accident lawyer because every case is different.

Common Examples of Airplane Accidents

Any object that is large, heavy, and mobile is subject to incurring significant damage on what is in its path. This is true whether it is an automobile, an airplane, or an object falling from the sky. Regardless of the nature of the airplane accident that caused your injury, contact our airplane accident lawyer in Houston TX from John K. Zaid & Associates to learn how we might be of assistance. Here are some common examples of how airplane accidents occur:

  • A passenger is injured when the airplane crashes to the ground.
  • A passenger is injured when the airplane collides with another object while taxiing.
  • A person on the ground is injured by debris that falls from an airplane in flight.
  • A person on the ground is injured by a plane that is taxiing.
  • A person on an airplane is injured during extreme turbulence.

If you sustained a serious injury in an airplane accident, call John K. Zaid & Associates for a free consultation with an experienced airplane accident lawyer Houston TX victims recommend for outstanding legal representation.

Each day offers business as usual for the airline industry. Millions of planes take flight each year with little to no incident. However, there is a whole different percentage of instances in which plane crashes and other accidents result from a normal flight. Aviation disasters can occur at any time during the flight, be it on the runway, while taking off or even while landing. The causes of these accidents are vast, but among the most common cause is that of pilot error. To make matters worse, the tragedy is chalked up to simply being an accident and victims are rarely compensated.

According to The Guardian, nearly one hundred plane crashes occur each year. This statistic equates to roughly one accident per every 2.4 million flights. To make matters worse, fifty-three percent of these crashes are due to pilot error. Mechanical errors offer a measly twenty percent. Who pays for the medical expenses? Which circumstances truly equate to being just an accident? What do the victims who pay the ultimate price leave for their families? Unfortunately, the answers to all of these questions are undesirable.

Quality attorneys skilled in aviation are able to determine what the real accidents are and ensure compensation to the victims. Airlines often get away with no charges brought against them and a good portion of accidents are their fault as well as the pilot’s. Attorneys that are willing to take on aviation accident cases combine their knowledge of the law with a vast knowledge of the aviation industry and any statistics pertaining to both. Testimonies from victims, their families, and even the pilot result in won cases and general compensation.

The attorneys at John K. Zaid and Associates deliver quality service to their clients and obtain for them the compensation they are seeking. With a considerable knowledge of the aviation industry, these lawyers understand when a plane accident is anything but a common mishap. They understand how planes operate, what can go wrong, and what should never go wrong. If you or a loved one has been involved in a suspicious plane accident, please contact John K. Zaid & Associates today.

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