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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Houston, TX

If we are fortunate enough to live a long life, we will all someday be considered elderly. The golden years of a person’s life should be full of relaxation and enjoyment. Being able to explore new hobbies and experiences without common stressors that can be experienced in the workforce.

Unfortunately, not everyone stays healthy as their ‘golden years’ progress, as a nursing home abuse lawyer Houston, TX trusts can attest. Independence is not always possible when lack of mobility, mental health issues, and serious chronic conditions make supervision and sometimes a nursing staff necessary.

The ideal situation is for a family member to step in and take care of their elderly relative, in an environment they are used to. This could be their own home, drawing on the assistance of home health nurses, if necessary. However, in a lot of cases, that isn’t possible, leaving many families to face the difficult task of finding a nursing home for their loved ones. It may be a necessary step to become a resident of an assisted living or nursing home facility.

The staff in most nursing homes are there because they want to make the quality of life the best it can be for the seniors in their care. They treat their patients the way they would a member of their own family, with respect and a nurturing attitude.

Unfortunately, some nursing homes have poor practices and untrained employees, this could result in abuse or neglect on the part of its’ residents. If you or someone you love have recently suffered abuse in a nursing home facility, it will important that you work with John K. Zaid & Associates. Each nursing home abuse lawyer in Houston, TX from our firm has extensive experience in representing one of the most vulnerable populations.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Houston, TX | Rights of Abused Nursing Home Patients

As a nursing home abuse lawyer Houston, TX relies on can attest, many families today are faced with the decision of placing their elderly loved one in a nursing home facility. This is a difficult decision and families do their best to ensure the home their loved one will be living in will provide the best care possible. Discovering that, instead of providing a safe haven, the nursing home has instead become a place where their loved one has been a victim of abuse or neglect can be devastating.

At John K. Zaid & Associates, we help families of nursing home victims get the justice they deserve. We have spent many years advocating for nursing home patients’ rights and fighting against those facilities who fail to uphold those rights. Under both federal and state laws, patients have the following protections and rights that must be upheld at all times:

  • Nursing home patients have the right to receive proper medical care. The facility is required to keep patients informed about their medical conditions, the medications they are prescribed, and any other aspects of their medical records. As long as a patient is mentally competent, they have the right to be fully involved in making any decisions affecting their medical treatment and care.
  • Nursing home patients have the right to have family members or other named representatives notified if the patient develops a medical condition or is injured in an accident.
  • Nursing home patients have the right to file complaints with the nursing home without being fearful of some type of reprisal. Any complaint filed by the patient is required to be addressed in a timely manner.
  • Nursing home patients have the right to live free of neglect and abuse. If the patient is a victim of abuse – whether physical, sexual, or verbal abuse – or they are the victim of neglect, this needs to be reported to the nursing home, as well as the long-term care ombudsman in the municipality the nursing home is located. It should also be reported to the state agency that oversees nursing home regulations.

Nursing homes are also required to notify whomever the patient has designated as their legal representative (often a family member) if any of the following has occurred:

  • Your loved one has been injured in an accident
  • Your loved one is exhibiting a significant change in their emotional and/or physical health
  • Your loved one’s medical treatment requires a significant change
  • The nursing home has made the decision to discharge or transfer your loved one from the facility

Call a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Houston, TX Today

If you have been notified that your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect – or you suspect that they may be – contact a Houston nursing home abuse lawyer from John K. Zaid & Associates immediately. These cases need to be addressed right away before your loved one is exposed to any further incident, including notifying the proper law enforcement and government agencies, as well as finding another facility for the patient if necessary.

A nursing home abuse lawyer Houston, TX trusts can help navigate these decisions and make sure that those responsible pay the compensation that your family deserves for the damages suffered.

Dehydration and Neglect in a Houston, Texas Nursing Home

One of the most common forms of nursing home neglect is dehydration. Dehydration can lead to long-term and very serious injuries in the elderly. Studies have concluded that more elderly residents in nursing homes suffer from dehydration than seniors who live on their own.

Dehydration is a condition that can be easily addressed, yet it frequently goes unnoticed – and untreated – in nursing homes across the country. Not only does this lower the senior’s quality of life, but it can cause dangerous medical conditions. If dehydration is a chronic issue that is left untreated, the elderly resident can develop infections, have too low blood volume, or suffer seizures. In many cases, it can be fatal.

Families who have loved ones residing in nursing homes should be aware of what the signs of dehydration are in order to ensure their loved one’s safety and wellbeing. If you are visiting your loved one and discover they are not getting enough fluids and this is leading to medical issues, let nursing home staff know right away. If you fear your loved one’s life is in danger, call an ambulance and get them to a hospital immediately. You should then consider speaking with a nursing home abuse lawyer in Houston, TX, such as one from John K. Zaid & Associates.

The signs of dehydration can vary depending on a person’s age. In elderly people, the following are strong indicators that they are not getting enough fluids and are becoming or have become dehydrated:

  •       Confusion
  •       Dark yellow or brown urine
  •       Dizziness
  •       Extreme thirst
  •       Fatigue
  •       Not having to go to the bathroom

Nursing home residents need to have their fluid intake monitored by nursing home staff for many reasons. As we get older, our bodies conserve less water but our sense of thirst decreases. This means that even though an elderly person needs more fluids, they don’t seek fluids out as their bodies require. There are issues that may complicate this even more, such as diabetes, or they may be taking medications which act as diuretics that can interfere with the senior’s ability to retain water. 

There are also medical conditions, both physical and mental, that can make it almost impossible for the senior to get fluids on their own. Because a senior may be at such a high risk of not getting enough fluids on their own, it becomes more critical for nursing home staff to do their job and make sure the elderly resident does get enough fluids, so they do not dehydrate. If your loved one was dehydrated in a nursing home, and they were injured as a result, call a Houston, TX nursing home abuse lawyer to find out what your legal options may be. 

Let a Houston, TX Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Help

If your elderly loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, contact a Houston, TX nursing home abuse lawyer from John K. Zaid & Associates to find out what legal recourse your family may have. Our firm aggressively advocates for victims and their families and have helped many nursing home abuse victims receive compensation for their injuries, as well as hold the perpetrators who committed the abuse responsible.

Contact our office today to set up a free and confidential consultation with one of our nursing home abuse lawyers in Houston, TX today.

Choosing a Reputable Houston, TX Nursing Home

To prevent your loved one from experiencing abuse, it will be important to spend time researching possible nursing homes in your area. Although maltreatment may still occur, choosing a nursing home that is qualified and reputable can mitigate your chances of abuse happening to the person you love. Here are some helpful tips for choosing a nursing home or assisted living facility that you can feel good about:

  • What does the nursing home sound like? This can be a good indicator regarding whether or not something is amiss. Do people sound miserable? Are they calling for someone to help them? Although this doesn’t always indicate a problem, it can.
  • Does it smell unclean? This could be a sign that staff are not doing their duty in properly cleaning and sanitizing the facility.
  • You will want to make sure that the facility is staffed appropriately. When people are exhausted from working too much, their patience can wear thin. When people do not get breaks, they are more likely to act impulsively which could result in abuse.
  • Listen to what people you know have to say. Recommendations can go a long way when making a decision. It is usually helpful to hear the experiences of others. They may even be able to share with you if there were any problems and how they worked through them with the administration.
  • Residents of nursing homes greatly benefit from family visits. Choosing a nursing home that is conveniently located will make it easier for you to achieve this.

It will be important that you do your research. Visit multiple facilities, ask questions, and look for online reviews.

Are there activities available to the people living there? Social outlets are important for people. You will want to make sure that residents have the ability to participate in these activities and are not isolated.

It can be shocking to learn that a person you love has been hurt by caregivers you paid and entrusted to care for your loved one. You will want to take the necessary steps to ensure that the nursing home facility is penalized for their wrongdoings. It may make sense to take legal action if you have been injured or have suffered from abuse in a nursing home. Call a nursing home abuse lawyer today to speak with a member of our Houston, TX legal team.

Common Examples of Nursing Home Abuse

  • Failure to monitor or restrain residents which results in accidental injury
  • Prescription/medication errors
  • Failure to care for bedridden residents resulting in bed sores
  • Failure to maintain ventilator support
  • Tend to wounds to prevent infections
  • Monitor health and vital signs

Leaving a precious family member in a nursing home is excruciatingly hard, even under the best circumstances. The feelings of guilt are often overwhelming, leading to sleepless nights filled with worry. Sadly, sometimes the worry is warranted. There are some nursing home staff members, one-third of them according to statistics, who are abusive or negligent toward some of the most vulnerable, helpless souls in the world. In some cases, patients are verbally abused, there are times when food, water, and medicine are not being dispensed, help with hygiene is sometimes neglected and blatant physical abuse also occurs way too often.

Why Choose Our Team?

Complicating things in trying to discern whether a loved one is being subjected to mistreatment or neglect is the fact that oftentimes, communication is hard or even nonexistent for many seniors. They may not be able to verbalize what is happening to them, making it almost impossible to prove any misconduct is happening.

John K. Zaid & Associates and their nursing home abuse lawyer Houston, TX relies on is here to fight with you to uncover the truth and bring to justice anyone who would harm the very people who most deserve love and respect.

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