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As stated by the Texas Department of Transportation, a vehicle or person gets stricken by a train every two hours in the United States. Injuries that happen due to being struck by a train are critical due to the speed and size of a moving train. Whether you have suffered a minor injury or a life altering injury, if you were in a train wreck recently or you are working as a rail worker, let John K. Zaid & Associates fight for the compensation you deserve.

Our train accident lawyers of Houston have the licensed legal understanding and materials to help preserve your rights after being involved in a train accident. To get in contact with our legal staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week—just call 281-333-8959 or complete our free initial consultation form, today.

Train Claims We Handle

It is an obligation for railroad companies to make sure the equipment is up to safety standards and that they have no danger on their planned routes. Nonfulfillment of safety standards can result in serious accidents.

At John K. Zaid & Associates we handle train injury claims that result from:

  • defective equipment
  • derailments
  • collisions with other trains or motor vehicles
  • explosions or fires
  • toxic spills

If you were harmed by a train, our train accident lawyers of Houston will be able to get you reimbursement for your accident-related expenses, medical bills, lost wages and pain & suffering that you deserve after such a horrific experience.

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John K. Zaid & Associates has been preserving the rights of hurt victims for nearly 20 years, and we may be able to help you also, so act now. Often times, Texas law limits the amount of time you have to file an injury claim which is why it is important to contact us as soon as possible to make sure that you are able to file an injury claim. Contact us now to get the help you deserve.

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