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According to United States Vital Statistics, there are 450,000 emergency room visits due to burn injuries every year.

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Burn injuries don’t just cause severe pain and suffering, they also bring about emotional distress, scars to your body and result in long-term medical issues. If you or a loved one has sustained a burn injury due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation. John K. Zaid & Associates will stand up for you and defend your legal rights.


U.S. Burn Injury Statistics

The following statistics are provided by the American Burn Association


In 2016, 486,000 people were treated for a burn injury

Approximately 40,000 people were hospitalized, including 30,000 at special burn centers

Forty-three percent of admissions were caused by a fire or flame; 34 percent scald (hot liquid/steam), 9 percent contact, 4 percent electrical, 3 percent chemical, and 7 percent from other sources.

Seventy-three percent of incidents happened at home

Eight percent occurred at work

Five percent happened on the street or a roadway

Common Types of Burn Injuries

A burn injury lawyer in Houston, TX might see various burn injuries, but the most common ones are:


Thermal Burns - Caused by steam, hot liquids, fire, or heat given off by a very hot source. Welders, boiler technicians, chefs, restaurant staff, and propane handles are more prone to thermal burns.

Chemical Burns - Substances that have a high pH level, such as an acid or alkaline chemical, can cause serious burns on the skin. They are so harmful that they can dissolve the skin and tissue until the agent is neutralized. Chemical plant workers, engineers, researchers, truck drivers, and certain technicians could be exposed to these type of chemicals.

Electrical - When the body is exposed to an open electrical current, and there is no ground, electrical shock can occur. This could happen to anyone around electricity lines, but is most common with those who work around power lines.

Radiation - Some types of radiation, such as gamma or beta, can cause very serious burns. In general, people who work in power plants or certain military occupations are most prone to radioactive burns.


Levels of Burn Severity

First-Degree - Red skin, pain, swelling.

Second-Degree - Affects the layers of skin underneath the surface. Can cause pain and blisters.

Third-Degree - Affects multiple layers and tissues of the skin. Boils, blisters, severe pain, loss of sensation, and infection could result. These burns can be deadly.

Fourth-Degree - The burn affects the tendons, muscles, or skeletal system. These can permanently impair movement.


A burn injury can take months or even years to heal. The scarring can be devastating and there is a possibility that a victim could lose a limb to infection. Burn injuries caused by fire, chemicals or electricity often result in medical complications that require treatment in a hospital from doctors such as:



Organ failure

Heavy scarring

Cosmetic disfigurement

Possible death

Treating a burn injury is often a slow, lengthy process that can cost thousands of dollars. Hospital care, reconstructive surgery, skin grafting, physical therapy, and so forth may be recommended by doctors. In general, burn injuries cost twice as much as standard hospital treatments, which is why it is so important to ally yourself with a skilled burn injury lawyer in Houston, TX who understands the high costs associated with burn injuries. In doing so you can ensure your settlement takes all of the current and prospective treatment into consideration.


Chemical Burns


When the word "burn" comes to mind, most people will associate it with fire. However, there is another type of burn that occurs when a person is exposed to certain chemicals at home, their job, or after an accident. This is known as a chemical burn. 


Chemical burns can happen anywhere; however, those working in the agriculture industry, housekeeping, manufacturing, construction, processing, and research may be most vulnerable to experiencing a chemical burn. While many chemical burns are the result of a mistake or accident, some occur because of negligence. If this happened to you, and you believe your chemical burn could have been avoided had it not been for the actions, or lack of, of another person, please call a burn injury lawyer in Houston, TX.


Exposure to a Hazardous Chemical


Exposure to certain chemicals can cause immediate injuries which could range in their severity. However, most people exposed to harmful chemicals won't notice an initial signs of injury. In fact, some might go through many years before realizing something isn't right. Cancer, lung problems, skin problems, and respiratory issues are just a few common health conditions that can be the result of chemical exposure.


The Signs and Symptoms of a Chemical Burn


As a burn injury lawyer in Houston, TX  might explain to you, household and industrial products can contain chemicals that cause burns. Drain cleaner, toilet cleaner, and car batteries contain the same chemical sulfuric acid. Pool cleaners have hydrochloric acid and harmful dyes. Common bathroom tile cleaner has hydrofluoric acid in it. Just breathing around these products can cause internal chemical burns. If they should come into direct contact with the skin, serious wounds may result. Signs and symptoms of a chemical burn may include:


Slowed breathing

Inability to breath

Open wounds on the skin


Red rashes


Extreme pain


Inability to stop the burn on the skin






Loss of consciousness


Treating a Chemical Burn


Treating a chemical burn requires special care and attention. The cause of the burn must be removed from the skin, and often it will take another substance, such as vinegar, to neutralize the chemical. Without this, the burn will continue. Emergency services should be sought for any chemical burn. It is also important to remove any piece of clothing or items that may have the chemical on it.


When Negligence is the Cause of the Chemical Burn

Chemical burns can be extremely painful. Often they result in large medical expenses, severe scarring, and emotional distress. A burn injury lawyer in Houston, TX can help you to understand whether or not negligence was a factor. If so, you may be able to recover monetary compensation for your losses. In the event of the burn happening while working, a burn injury lawyer might suggest filing a workers' compensation claim. 


Chemical burn injury claims tend to be rife with complications; therefore you should retain a burn injury lawyer who understands these types of cases. For a consultation with a burn injury lawyer in Houston, TX call John K. Zaid & Associates.


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A burn injury is not only excruciatingly painful, but can also leave permanent physical and psychological scars. Whether you have been burned by a chemical product, hazard on an unkempt premise, or while sitting around a campfire, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer who handles burn injury cases.


At John K. Zaid & Associates, we have decades of experience in handling personal injury cases; many of which include victims of burns. If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic burn injury, call a Houston, TX burn injury lawyer from our firm.


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You don’t have to fight this battle alone. John K. Zaid & Associates has years of experience standing up for burn injury victims, and we can assist you with your lost wages, hospital bills and other expenses which may arise from the accident.


How Will I Know What Kinds of Things I can Recover for in a Burn Injury Lawsuit?


The law is designed to redress wrong-doings and return people to the quality of life they were in prior to the incident. So this raises two questions: 1) how were you harmed by the negligent party's wrongful conduct and 2) what of their conduct can you prove. These two questions cause a variety of legal, factual, and perceptive obstacles that your burn injury lawyer in Houston, TX must clear in order to recover the most possible in damages. However, in some situations, the law does not allow you to recover for certain categories of recovery. For instance, you cannot seek punitive damages in medical malpractice actions. To understand completely what you can get in a burn injury lawsuit, speak with an experienced Houston burn injury lawyer to better understand your potential award.


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