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Complications During Labor or Delivery?

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Watching an innocent and fragile infant suffer can have a tremendous impact on every family member; so much so that the emotions may be almost too difficult to bare. The birth injury lawyers at John K. Zaid & Associates sympathize with the struggles you may be going through and would like to offer you legal advice and a shoulder to lean on during this time. For many years, we have been helping families who are in similar situations to yours. We know that this road is not easy and will likely be a long one to endure. The financial impact could already be in the hundreds of thousands. By your child's 18th birthday, it could be in the millions. It is our goal to recover monetary compensation that can provide you and your family with financial relief after your child suffered from an unfortunate birth injury. To learn more, please call John K. Zaid & Associates today.


Understanding Birth Injuries and Birth Traumas


A birth injury most commonly occurs during the labor and delivery process; however, it is possible to be a result of negligence during the pregnancy. Some newborns are born with a birth defect that was unpreventable, and these are not the same as a birth injury which is often the result of significant trauma during the delivery.  A birth injury can be minor and temporary, or involve long term, permanent medical conditions that will require the lifetime care.


How a Birth Injury Lawyer in Houston Can Help

If you believe your child was harmed by carelessness or negligence on part of any medical staff or the hospital, you should get advice from a qualified Houston birth injury lawyer.

If a lawyer believes you to have a valid legal case, the first step may be to assess medical records which could require you to sign a release. The law firm will likely work with experienced medical professionals who can help to determine whether the standards of care were followed, and if the birth injury was preventable. If it is found true that the standards of care were broken; thus, resulted in an avoidable birth injury, a lawyer may initiate the pre litigation process. This may include gathering evidence, hiring experts, and determining a numerical value of your case. Rest assured our birth injury lawyers will take into consideration all past and future medical expenses and other prospective financial losses. In general, birth injury claims tend to be in the six to eight figure values.

Reaching a Settlement

Once your case is established, your Houston birth injury lawyer might propose a settlement to the insurance company. At this point, there is a good chance that the company will refuse to settle. In this case, a lawyer may proceed with formal proceedings which could involve a civil lawsuit. This process involves a discovery phase and various other elements which includes evidence being used against either party. Typically, once a birth injury case reaches this point, a settlement is reached. If not, a zelous birth injury lawyer should be ready to proceed to trial. This is an entirely different process. In our experience, a judge and jury does not look kindly on the defending party's of birth injuries which is why 98% of cases will never go to trial.


Talk to a Skilled Birth Injury Lawyer Today


Birth injury cases are complex and require precise skill and legal knowledge as well as knowledge about medical terminology and birth injuries. For this reason you should choose a lawyer who understands birth injuries and medical malpractice cases. To speak with a birth injury lawyer Houston, TX trusts who has the right training, experience, and guidance, call John K. Zaid & Associates.

A Birth Injury Lawyer Houston TX Trusts Discusses Complications During Pregnancy or Delivery

Welcoming the birth of a new child should be the happiest day of your family’s life, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Birth injuries can, unfortunately, occur during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or even afterward.

The most devastating of the birth injuries are the birth injuries that are preventable and caused by improper or negligent medical care. If you believe that your child is a victim of such negligent medical care, a birth injury lawyer from John K. Zaid & Associates may be able to help you.

Medical malpractice can happen before or during birth when the doctor, medical staff, or hospital fails to use a standard quality of care. If you believe you and/or your newborn may have been affected by poor care, we recommend consulting with a medical malpractice attorney at John K. Zaid & Associates right away.

We have been dedicated to helping parents seek compensation for birth-related injuries, in addition to pain and suffering over the event. Each of our Houston TX birth injury lawyers takes pride in offering skilled yet empathetic services to each and every client that we see.

Of every 1,000 infants born in the United States, six to eight infants are born with a birth injury. Here we have covered some information about medical malpractice and signs that may mean it could have happened to you.

Medical Malpractice Scenarios

There are a few categories that can be considered medical malpractice when it comes to improper care before, during, or after birth and are listed as follows:

  • Injury to mother and/or newborn either during pregnancy or delivery
  • Wrongful birth, where the parents would not have followed through with the pregnancy if they had been aware of birth defects
  • Wrongful pregnancy, where the parents attempted to terminate a pregnancy but the procedure had failed

Mother and/or Newborn Suffer Injuries

Medical malpractice can cause the mother and/or infant to suffer injuries during the birth process. Birth injuries can happen in a variety of ways, including if the doctor negligently failed to get excessive bleeding under control after delivery or negligently failed to monitor the amount of oxygen a newborn received during delivery. A couple of examples of mother and newborn injuries include:

  • Infant Injuries: Failure of doctor or staff to identify fetal distress, umbilical cord complications, not removing the infant from birth canal promptly or improper use of birth equipment with forceps, vacuum, subconjunctival hemorrhage, brain injury, and fractured bones.
  • Mother Injuries: Failing of doctor or staff to respond to mother’s excessive bleeding, abnormal pains, not identifying the presence of infection, or not performing a cesarean section when needed.

Wrongful Birth

The doctor is responsible for informing parents about potential birth defects or handicaps that may be present in the unborn child. If the doctor does not communicate these risks, the parents may not be able to make an informed decision about what is best for them as a family. Perhaps the parents would not have followed through with the pregnancy had they known about the chances of an unhealthy baby. Parents can choose to file a lawsuit based on:

  • Being incorrectly informed about the results of genetic testing before the child was born.
  • The doctor failing to observe physical and/or mental impairments of the fetus during the earlier pregnancy stages.

Parents may be eligible for compensation of the newborn’s disorder, such as payment for medical expenses, specialized education, and emotional suffering. A medical malpractice attorney at John K. Zaid & Associates can go over your case more in-depth and provide legal advice throughout this process.

We offer a free consultation for all new clients. Please take us up on this opportunity to schedule your appointment with a birth injury lawyer at John K. Zaid & Associates today. Do not wait to seek legal representation and help, as you may only have a certain period of time to act.

Why Choose John K. Zaid & Associates?

John K. Zaid & Associates will work with your family and evaluate your case and circumstances, which will help establish answers to the questions regarding the possibility and responsibility of a preventable birth injury. Our experienced birth injury lawyers at John K. Zaid & Associates will be able to distinguish signs of possible medical negligence before, during, or after the birthing process. They will research immediate signs of injuries after delivery, as well as later symptoms, such as developmental issues after the birthing process. Your family does not have to fight alone during this devastating time. Let John K. Zaid & Associates fight for your family.

What a Birth Injury Lawyer Can Do

At John K. Zaid & Associates, we have experienced birth injury lawyers that can investigate your child’s injury and determine the origin of any birth injuries that occurred and the consequences these injuries will have on your child’s life and development. Once a birth injury occurs, it can be difficult for family members to ask the right questions due to the devastating mindset and circumstances they are experiencing.

Medical professionals and insurance companies also tend to be difficult to extract the needed answers to questions about birth injuries, but each birth injury lawyer Houston TX clients recommend from John K. Zaid & Associates will get the answers your family deserves. We will fight for your family. Contact John K. Zaid & Associates today.

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