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Any motor vehicle accident can be intimidating at best and outright dangerous at worst. However, those involving a large truck can be incredibly devastating due to the sheer size and weight of these vehicles. The stopping distance is increased drastically over smaller passenger vehicles. Truck drivers may fail to properly judge distances or see smaller cars from their vantage point in the truck. Without proper mirrors or other similar modifications that cars and smaller trucks do not need, their judgment may be incorrect.

These dangerous accidents in which trucks are involved can be caused by driver error, equipment failure or overweight cargo loads, defective or inadequate mirrors or lighting, failure to properly hitch trailer or driver fatigue.

John K. Zaid and Associates have the experience and dedication to assist victims and their families by investigating accidents and maximizing compensation. Sadly and not surprisingly, accidents with large trucks often cause severe disability in many cases. Victims who do survive usually have a long road of recovery ahead of them requiring hospital stays, doctors’ visits and physical therapy and rehabilitation. Many need occupational therapy simply to relearn everyday skills such as dressing, walking and eating.

John K. Zaid & Associates have trained and skilled attorneys who know the laws and can help victims get better faster by taking over the legal aspects of their recovery. They understand how complicated the laws and paperwork can be for any lay person, no less one who is trying to recover from a major accident. Freeing up the victim’s time and energy to getting better so that victims and their families can get on with their lives is what this law firm specializes in.

Truck Accident Lawyer Houston, TX

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