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Pedestrian Injuries And Compensation

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Pedestrian Injuries And Compensation

Statistics show that more than 75,000 accidents happen each year that involve autos and pedestrians. Among these accidents, more than 5000 pedestrians die from them. What this means is that every 7 minutes someone is seriously harmed in an auto-pedestrian accident.

The type of injuries that happen in these accidents can be quite serious. This is because the size of the vehicle or truck or that hits the person is substantially larger than the person. The injuries can entail nerve damage, brain and spinal injuries, as well as paralysis and multiple bone fractures.

The seriousness of the injuries entail in depth medical treatment and this can be very expensive. This can have an impact on the families of the victims as well. The time that is spent in medical appointments and having procedures done can impact the person’s ability to earn money. Loss time at work and losing the capacity to earn money are serious outcomes of pedestrian-vehicle accidents.

Consulting with an attorney can expose some of the options that may be available to help compensate victims and their families. A legal professional will also be able to determine the carelessness or negligence of the driver. Things to be considered is whether the driver was adhering to legal speed limits, obeying traffic signs, and whether the right of way was yielded to the pedestrians.

If the driver was found to be negligent, they may be held responsible for compensating the victims. Such compensation can entail recompensing the individual for medical costs and ongoing medical costs. This compensation can also include pain and suffering. The individual and their family should be aware of what legal recourse they have if an injury has happened to a loved one.

Pedestrian-vehicle accidents can be quite devastating. Having someone on your side to defend your rights and needs is an important aspect of recovery.

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