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It is not uncommon to turn the news on and hear yet another story about a dog biting someone. Some stories are heart-wrenching and tragic while others are simply confusing. Although the specifics may vary per incident, all of them leave the injured party, the dog owner, and the public wondering- who is liable?

Speaking with a dog bite lawyer in Houston, Texas can help to clarify matters. No two dog bite cases are exactly alike, so seeking legal guidance for your questions is key. Any legal action that can be taken in the wake of a bite is generally determined by state laws and local ordinances. If you or someone you know has been injured by a dog bite and you are considering taking legal action, please consider scheduling a consultation with John K. Zaid & Associates. Speaking with an experienced Houston, TX dog bite lawyer will help to ensure that your legal decisions are both supported and informed. As you prepare for your consultation, please consider the following basic information and write down any questions or concerns this effort may inspire.


When it comes to aggressive dog-human interactions, the laws vary by state, county, and even city which can make law interpretation a bit confusing. However, the majority of states adhere to something called statutory strict liability which puts liability on the owner of the dog. That means the owner is responsible to cover the cost of the injury. The concept of strict liability is not concerned with a history of aggression or the owner’s knowledge/lack of knowledge concerning previous incidents.

One bite rule

Just about every state agrees that if a dog has a history of biting at least one person and the owner was aware of it, he or she is considered liable. This can be difficult to prove, especially if there is no documentation of the incident. However, this rule can be helpful for the victim who lives in a state that does not adhere to statutory strict liability.

Provocation and exceptions to the rule

It is important to understand that not every state acknowledges any exceptions to its general rules. Speaking with an experienced Houston, TX dog bite attorney will help you understand whether exceptions to general rules may apply in your case. Possible exceptions to dog owner liability may include:

·         The victim was trespassing or committing an illegal act against the dog’s owner.

·         The injured person was acting in a professional manner such as a veterinarian, trainer, or groomer.

·         The dog was fulfilling a professionally trained role such as working with the military or police.

·         The victim was taunting, physically abusing, or otherwise provoking the dog which could reasonably cause the dog to react.

Damages and compensation

What does “the cost of injury” include? The potential for damages and compensation vary by state. However, the majority of states agree that medical bills should be paid while other states may allow for additional damages such as lost wages, psychological trauma and counseling, damaged clothing, permanent scarring, and plastic surgery to correct scarring. This is by no means a complete list of possible damages.

Personal injury attorney

The laws regarding dog bite cases are often confusing and vary by state, county, and even municipality. In addition, there are many variables that contribute to each situation that may affect the legal outcome. It is important to consult with a Houston, TX dog bite lawyer who can accurately interpret the law in your area and guide you on the best way to proceed.

The top dog lawyer in Houston Texas is an excellent choice for any animal lover.

The laws surrounding dog bites are often confusing and vary by state, county, or city. In addition, there are many variables that can affect the outcome of any legal proceeding- it is important to speak with a Houston TX lawyer who has experience handling these types of cases so they know how best to handle them based on current law in their area! If you need the best top dog Lawyers and Attorneys in Houston call us now.


Dog Bite Injury - Responding to a Bite

Finding a Respected Dog Bite Lawyers Houston, TX Trusts

A Houston, TX animal bite lawyer knows just how serious any kind of animal bite can be. You may be at a friend’s house or simply walking by a person’s property, and when you see a furry little pet you likely assume they are friendly, especially if they aren’t showing any signs of aggression. If you are at a person’s house and there are no warning signs or they have not told you that their pet dog bites, you probably think it is perfectly fine to interact with them. In many cases, you have probably already asked the owner if it is fine to play with their pet or if their pet is friendly. However, even friendly and docile pets can bite under certain circumstances. When this happens, an animal bite can quickly become a serious medical issue and may even put your life on the line. Because of how dangerous an animal bite can be, you should know what steps to take medically and legally after the bite occurred. Additionally, getting help from an animal bite lawyer in Houston, Texas trusts John K. Zaid & Associates can help when you file a claim for compensation. For more information on what you should do after an animal bites you, keep reading. To get in touch with a Houston animal bite lawyer you can trust, contact our office today.

The Crucial Next Steps: What a Texas Animal Bite Lawyer Recommends You Should Do After an Animal Bites You

While you may not be thinking of what your legal steps are immediately after someone’s animal has bitten you, it is imperative to think of what you need to do medically which can also help with your legal claim.

  • Get Medical Care. Even if the pet owner says that their pet has the proper vaccinations, you should still see a medical professional for your injury, especially if the animal punctured your skin. Not only are many pets not up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations, but any type of puncture to your skin can cause a minor to severe infection. Take any pictures you need of your wounds before seeking medical help and continue documenting its healing process after seeing a doctor. Additionally, make sure your doctor understands what happened and gather any medical records necessary for your claim.

  • Get Their Information. Similar to other types of personal injury accidents, always exchange information with the person who owns the pet that bit you. You will need to have their name, address, and their contact information. This will make the process smoother when you or your attorney goes to verify what happened and whether the animal is up-to-date on their vaccinations.

  • Report the bite to Animal Control. When you file a report with your local animal control, it can ensure that no one else becomes a victim of an animal bite from this pet and any type of investigation they conduct can also strengthen your case.

  • Gather Witnesses. If there were any witnesses at the scene of the animal bite, it is imperative that you get their names and contact information so your lawyer can get in contact with them when they need testimonies regarding a lawsuit or an insurance claim. Eyewitnesses can strengthen your case significantly and a dog bite lawyer Houston, TX relies on can speak with them to get details of the event.

  • Document What Happened. This can come in the form of pictures and even writing down the pain level you are experiencing during the recovery process. You also want to document time spent away from work due to the recovery, your medical bills, and even travel costs.

How an Animal Bite Lawyers Houston, TX Counts on Can Help Your Case

For more information on what you can do after an animal has bitten you, contact a trusted Houston animal bite lawyer from John K. Zaid & Associates—call our office today!