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Car Accident Lawyer Houston TX

Who Is The Best Car Accident Lawyer In Houston TX?

Car Accident Lawyer Houston, TX 

Car Accident Lawyer Houston, TXNo one ever plans to be in a car accident, but if it happens, knowing what to do immediately following the crash can help make any process for injury damages go smoother. At John K. Zaid & Associates, we understand how upsetting the experience of a crash can be but also know that the actions a victim takes immediately after the crash often sets the tone of how the at-fault party’s insurance company reacts. Who is the best car accident lawyer in Houston, TX?  Our firm can help you file a personal injury claim against the driver who caused the crash. As a result, you may be able to obtain a settlement that can pay for your costs from the accident. Call us today if you were a victim of an injury accident. Although we hope that you never experience a serious car accident, the following tips may be helpful to you if it happens.


Do Not Leave the Crash Site

Even if you do not think your car was damaged or that you were injured, never leave the scene of the crash. In most states, leaving the scene of an accident when there is an injury can result in serious criminal charges because the police will likely label you a hit and run driver even if you were the victim. And if you were the victim, leaving the scene will likely make it impossible to file a successful claim against the person or persons responsible.

Check the Welfare of All Those Involved

If you are physically able, check to make sure that any passengers in your vehicle, as well as the driver and any occupants in the other vehicle are okay. If anyone is hurt, call 911 for emergency medical assistance. Do not move any injured victims unless there is an immediate danger by staying in place. Who is the best car accident lawyer in Houston, TX? John K. Zaid & Associates, contact us today for free consultation as soon as possible.

Contact Law Enforcement

You also want to contact the police. Make sure to get the name and contact information of the arriving officer. You want to make sure that the officer will be filing a police report. That report should provide information regarding the details and cause of the accident. Also be sure you make a copy for your car accident lawyer in Houston, TX from John K. Zaid & Associates. Learn about Common Factors in Car Accident Cases.

Other Driver Information

Obtain the name, contact information, drivers’ license number, registration, and vehicle insurance information from the other driver. If there was more than one vehicle involved in the crash, you will want to get this information from all drivers. It is important to note: Do not apologize or discuss details of the crash with the other driver. Even an innocent apology could be used against you later as “proof” that you were admitting guilt for the crash.

If there were any witnesses to the accident, ask for their contact information, as well as passengers who may have been in the other vehicle. Turn over all of this information to your car accident lawyer and if you are wondering Who Is The Best Car Accident Lawyer In Houston TX? Call John K. Zaid & Associates today!

Gather Evidence

If you are physically able, take photographs of the scene. Make sure to capture all vehicle damage, skid marks, landmarks, road construction, and any other factors you think may be relevant to the crash. If you are unable to take the photos because of your injury, see if a bystander will take those photos for you. Ask them to immediately email them to because later, they may forget or mistakenly delete them. Eventually, you’ll need to forward them to your car accident lawyer in Houston, TX from John K. Zaid & Associates.

Seek Medical Treatment

Even if you think you only suffered minor injuries, make sure to get checked out by a doctor immediately. There are many types of crash injuries which do not show symptoms right away, such as a brain injury, whiplash, or internal injuries. Not only do you put your health at risk if you delay, the insurance company can allege that either you were not injured or the injuries happened elsewhere and not during the crash. Make sure to keep copies of all hospitalizations, doctor visits, medication, and all other treatments you receive for your car accident lawyer in Houston, TX from John K. Zaid & Associates.

Contact Your Insurance Company

When you get home from seeing a doctor, you will want to contact your insurance company to report the crash. You then will want to contact a car accident lawyer in Houston, TX from John K. Zaid & Associates. Do not speak to anyone from the other driver’s insurance company until you speak to a lawyer from our firm.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer Houston, TX Offers

If you have been injured in a crash, the first question that will come to your mind is that who is the best car accident lawyer in Houston, TX?  The best is John K. Zaid & Associates, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We can discuss what options you may have and how our legal team can help.

Negotiating a Settlement After a Car Accident

Our car accident lawyer at John K. Zaid & Associates focuses on helping victims who were injured in collisions caused by negligent drivers. Though most people realize that they are entitled to compensation for their damages from the at-fault party’s insurance company, they may not realize how much compensation they should receive. They also may not realize that they are not obligated to accept the insurance company’s settlement offer, especially if that offer is far less than their damages. In fact, they may deny a claim despite its veracity. A car accident lawyer from our Houston, TX firm can represent your best interests and fight for your right to fair compensation. Call us to learn more.

Personal Injury Claims

In lesser value claims in which the victim did not suffer a serious injury, the insurance company may not hesitate to pay out the claim. However, when an injury is serious and expensive treatment is needed, they are more likely to deny the claim or delay in paying it, sometimes for years. If you have not yet submitted a personal injury claim, you may benefit from having our Houston, TX car accident lawyer prepare it on your behalf. Because of our focus on handling personal injury cases, John K. Zaid & Associates has a clear understanding of what must be included in a claim to maximize the likelihood of having it approved by the insurance company. If the claim is denied for one or more reasons, we can address those issues and correct them. We do not charge a client for these services until or unless they receive a settlement.

The Negotiation Process

Our car accident lawyer has years of experience negotiating settlements on behalf of our clients. Most car accident victims simply accept the insurance company’s initial offer, even if it’s not a fair one. At John K. Zaid & Associates, we aggressively pursue a settlement that falls in line with the amount of damages that our client has suffered. We also include damages in the claim that our clients may not recognize as compensable. For instance, their pain and suffering, loss of income due to injury and their inability to work, the cost of medical devices. This list of potential damages is long and we make every effort to ensure that all applicable damages are included in their settlement. It’s not unusual for our car accident lawyer to obtain a settlement that far exceeds what the client expected to receive.


If our car accident lawyer has made every effort to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company, but they refuse to act in good faith, we may recommend pursuing litigation against them. A lawsuit is usually not preferable because of the costs involved and the length of time it can take. However, it may be the only option later in the process of recovering a client’s damages. In that scenario, John K. Zaid & Associates will file a lawsuit against the insurance company. Very often, simply pursuing the lawsuit will be enough to motivate the company to return to the negotiating table.

If you would like to know more about who is the best car accident lawyer in Houston, TX, contact our car accident lawyer at John K. Zaid & Associates can help you get a fair settlement, call us for a free consultation.


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