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The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

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The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Many times a person in an auto accident hasn’t clue what to do especially if damages are involved. Oh, sure, medical and the police may be involve but that’s only to insure that the people involved know who to contact. The first step a person should remember is to keep your mouth shut and don’t admit anything. The second step is to contact a personal injury lawyer who handles cases like this for a living. However, in some cases, people are hesitant to contact a personal injury lawyer for many reasons. Here are few myths you should remember that are not true:

When hiring a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases it will cost a fortune.

The truth is that most cases of this type are taken on a “contingency” basis which simply means if your lawyer loses the case and the judge does not rule in your favor, you owe nothing.

Another myth is that a personal injury lawyer spends his or her time running around town looking for car accidents.

Actually, in most cities a personal injury lawyer is forbidden from contacting any accident victims prior to thirty days. It’s a rule in most states.

A personal injury lawyer can file a false law suit claim.

Oh, please. A personal injury lawyer is not going to file a frivolous lawsuit and lose their license that may or may not have any chance of being awarded a small or large settlement.

Payouts on a personal injury claim is guaranteed.

You wish. Insurance companies will fight your claim, so your lawyer, if they have a case, should build a good, strong case.

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