Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Houston, TX

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Houston, TX

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Houston, TX

Anyone can be hurt in a motor vehicle accident, but motorcyclists are especially at risk for injury when collisions occur. Unfortunately, it can be hard for motorcyclists to collect the full amount of compensation they deserve because of bias against motorcyclists and other influences that impact settlement offers, etc. The good news is that working with the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston, Texas can help you overcome these obstacles and maximize your recovery in the wake of a crash.

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Documenting And Explaining Injuries

Motorcyclists are not only much more likely to die in a crash than drivers are; they are also more likely to experience serious injuries, some of which are unique to motorcycle crashes. These include:

  •         Burns and road rash from skidding on pavement and contacting hot engine                  parts
  •         Traumatic brain injuries, neck, and spinal cord injuries
  •         Internal injuries to vital organs
  •         Soft tissue damage, including sprains, whiplash, and tendon/ligament damage
  •         Partial or complete paralysis

In order to maximize your compensation, you will need to have your injuries carefully examined and documented by medical professionals. You will also need to work with a motorcycle accident lawyer Houston, TX residents trust, who understands medical terminology and can effectively communicate the extent of your injuries to a jury.

Demonstrate Your Own Responsibility To Limit Your Liability

Many states use a doctrine called comparative negligence in personal injury cases. In a nutshell, this means that even if you win your case, your compensation may be reduced if you were found to be partially at fault for the accident or partially contributing to your own injuries. If a jury decided that you were 20 percent at fault, for instance, you would only be able to collect 80 percent of the total damages awarded to you.

An effective way to maximize damages is to demonstrate that you were acting responsibly and were not also negligent in the crash. Minimizing your own liability starts long before a crash ever occurs. It means keeping a clean driving record, keeping your bike in good condition, obeying traffic laws, wearing a helmet, etc. With that said, you shouldn’t avoid scheduling a consultation with one of the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Houston, TX simply because your record isn’t squeaky clean. You should be able to recover compensation if someone else caused your accident, regardless of whether you’ve ever been cited for speeding, etc. 

Managing Expectations And Defying Stereotypes

It’s no secret that motorcyclists have a bad reputation among other drivers on the road, even though that reputation is almost totally unearned. Most people tend to assume that riders are reckless, rude, and indifferent to traffic laws and safety. This is true of some riders (just as it is true of some drivers), but most motorcyclists are very conscientious of their own safety and the rules of the road.

Nonetheless, it can be difficult for injured motorcyclists to succeed in a personal injury lawsuit if the jury is biased against anyone who rides a motorcycle. Therefore, it is especially important to work with one of the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Houston, TX who can convincingly present your case in court and demonstrate that your injuries were entirely or primarily the fault of another driver.

The best way to overcome a bias against motorcycle riders is by working with an experienced personal injury lawyer who will make sure the jury understands how much of a danger motorcycles pose on our roads.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the experienced team at John K. Zaid & Associates today to learn more about how we can help you maximize your compensation in the wake of an accident. No matter the circumstances surrounding your collision, we can help you evaluate your options and make an informed decision about your situation. We look forward to speaking with you.

The best way to avoid a biased jury is by working with one of the most experienced lawyers in Houston who specializes in motorcycles. They will make sure that your injuries were entirely or primarily caused by another driver's negligence so you can get justice for yourself!

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